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Municipal Building Gets a Security System

Even though the Valley is a great place to live and one of the safest places in the Idaho area we still want to make sure that the building is secure and that we can keep an eye on things. We just recently purchased an ADT security system after reading through some home security reviews on a site called besthomealarmsystemsreviews.com. Frank Willhower recommended that we look online to make sure we were making the

Kootenai River Valley History

Since the 1940’s, when the river was diked it has been divided into 15 different districts. There are over 35k acres of cropland and the rainfall is over 20 inches a year. The river valley in Idaho is a wonderful area to raise cattle and crops. The people are extremely friendly and we have everything that we need in the Valley itself. It’s very peaceful country and we encourage everyone to come and pay a

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